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我中午给你电话,帮你找个时间. 我会永远爱你我不会给你. -喂,你不是来百度刷分的吧?

游戏守望先锋中的角色麦克雷的终结技语音 英文原版是It's High noon,源自于美国西部牛仔为了公平...


前面的两句都可以,但通常多用第二句。第三句 at 之後则要加 12 才合文法。 Check out time is at 12 noon. 很乐意能够帮到你,希望会对你有助。 若不明白请继续问,如满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢你

我中午给你电话,帮你找个时间。 我会永远爱你 我不会给你。 -喂,你不是来百度刷分的吧?

Reading is my favorite thing to do. But there never seem to be enough time, so I read in bed during lunch break. Tuesday at noon, as ...

I don't know whether you can see this message,I just want you to know how do I live after you went to Korea.I swear I really love you,I love you more than everything.Really love you than everything.


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